Why Match2Win

Search and selection is a ‘peoples job’ 

Match2win offers a complete portfolio of healthcare including: 

•    Search and selection
•    Executive search
•    Headhunting
•    Temporary
•    Education
•    Service 

How do you determine which company you want to work with?
Quantity, synergy and personal care are key when it comes to search and selection. 

When you choose an organization the following points will probably be considered: 
•    Is there a connection between my/our contact person? 
•    Does the method and values of Match2Win appeal to me? 
•    Is Match2Win aware of the development that is going on in my branch (and will Match2Win stay up to date)?
•    Can we expect a partnership based on trust and cooperation? 

It’s all about the ideal match
Every human and every company is unique. Because of this work is based on personal wishes, ambitions and character. We have an individual approach that reaches further than usual. Match2win knows how to create superbly collaborations by always creatively help you as client, as well as the candidate.

Bringing people together with focus and passion
It’s our personal mission to make the best match possible. When you’re looking for the perfect job or the ideal candidate, you’re always guaranteed the most dedication to create the best possibilities for you. This site is meant to give you answers to question you might have and to introduce our self to you.