Our method

Finding the ideal job for you!

Our challenge is to find the most optimal match for as well high potentials as experienced candidates in an everchanging market. 

Match2Win brings you in contact with organizations that fit your work experience, ambitions and personality. The interview is based on testing your present qualities. All the made perceptions and outcomes of this interview will be recorded. 

Our approach:
•    Consult by phone to see if we can help each other. 
•    Invitation for a personal interview to get to know your wishes, work experience, ambitions and motivation. 
•    Career advice.
•    Advice and coaching throughout the entire job application process. 
•    If agreed upon propositions by suitable employers. 
•    Conversations between you, the client and us. 
•    Coaching for the negotiations about the new contract of employment. 
•    Getting started with your new employer.
•    Even after placement, we will stay in touch throughout your career. 
Your job vacancy is our challenge!
Match2Win has a personal, creative view on finding your ideal candidate. Our added value is often surprising and typed as out of the box. We crawl into to skin of a client and are able to communicate fast with your management and professional HR sections. Open and transparent communication is key and helps to make a success out of the cooperation. 

Match2win has an up-to-date database which contains middle and higher class candidates. Our base is daily growing because of our broad network, constantly speaking with high potentials and using social media. Match2Win has built a big network through its expertise and this network reaches far beyond the pharmaceutical market only. We make sure every search is executed with care and discretion. 

Our approach:
•    First consult for personal meeting at your office. 
•    Getting to know your company, the culture and of course you. 
•    Job vacancy intake.
•    Being a partner for you in the whole process of filling in the vacancy successfully.
•    Finding suitable candidates in a determined way (headhunting). 
•    Consult conversations and job interviews with the candidates.  
•    Follow up conversations with the candidates.
•    Reference checks.
•    Introducing the potential candidates. 
•    Managing the whole procedure by open and transparent communication in concertation with your wishes.
•    Offering support if necessary with the conversations about the terms of employment.
•    Evaluation about the achieved results. 

Search and selection method in 6 steps